Unique handmade creations, created with inspiration and passion so as to make any environment more sophisticated


Each object is individually handmade by high skilled professionals. The strips, cut from the plant, are manually overlapped one by one, drawing inspiration from the ancient Egyptians’technique, who invented papyrus paper 5000 years ago. Handmade, made with a meticolouness tending to perfection, showing our desire to create an artecraft nice to see and to touch.


Pavyro is unique, original, innovative, incomparable and rare: the plant is limited, the labour requires specifical skills, the processing requires hard work, nicety and long working time. A real luxury product, totally handmade in Syracuse, Italy, where there is the largest papyrus colony in Europe.; that makes it an exclusive product.


Each of our objects can be customized to satisfy every need and desire. Pavyro’s versatility gives the imagination of the interior designer the opportunity to create unusual furnishing accessories.