Unique handmade creations, created with inspiration and passion so as to make any environment more sophisticated


Each object is individually handmade by high skilled professionals. The strips, cut from the plant, are manually overlapped one by one, drawing inspiration from the ancient Egyptians’technique, who invented papyrus paper 5000 years ago. Handmade, made with a meticolouness tending to perfection, showing our desire to create an artecraft nice to see and to touch.


Pavyro is unique, original, innovative, incomparable and rare: the plant is limited, the labour requires specifical skills, the processing requires hard work, nicety and long working time. A real luxury product, totally handmade in Syracuse, Italy, where there is the largest papyrus colony in Europe.; that makes it an exclusive product.


Each of our objects can be customized to satisfy every need and desire. Pavyro’s versatility gives the imagination of the interior designer the opportunity to create unusual furnishing accessories.


All of our lamps can be customized. Any lampshade in the collection can be supplied without a base or with a different base than the one proposed. Each lampshade is a unique handmade piece and, as such, each imperfection is to be considered a quality and not a flaw. Pictures must be considered indicative and not binding. We recommend using warm light bulbs to enhance the beauty of the papyrus.


We make invitations and certificates for any occasion, customizing the product according to request.

The picture shows an example of an open and rolled up wedding invitation, two examples of birth announcement cards and a degree certificate with roll holder.

ORCHIDEA 3001 Wedding invitation
cm. 13 x h. cm. 8
PUPA 3002 Birth announcement card (little girl)
cm. 13 x h. cm. 8
PUPO 3003 Birth announcement card (little boy)
cm. 13 x h. cm. 8
TOCCO Degree certificate
3004/A Certificate with foldercm 15 x 20
3004/B Certificate with roll holdercm 20 x 30


Wedding invitation in fine papyrus paper with a romantic taste and a classic style.

The invitation is simple: a sepia-colored cursive writing combines with small details of orange blossom, the flower of good omen for weddings par excellence.

It can be printed or handwritten.

In addition to invitations and favors cards, we can take care of the entire graphic design of the event: mass booklet, menu, tableau de mariage, guest book, seat markers and everything that can be painted, printed or handwritten.

3005/A Closed invitation l. cm. 10.5 x h. cm 16;

              Open invitation l. cm. 21.5 x h. cm. 16;

3005/B Refreshments invitation l. cm. 13 x h. cm. 8;

3005/C Closed favor card l. cm. 4.5 x h. cm. 2;

              Open favor card l. cm. 9 x h. cm. 2;

“As an ancient legend tells, one day the King of Spain received a small orange tree as a gift from an enchanting girl. Enthusiastic, he ordered for its placement in the castle garden. The tree grew together with the satisfaction of the sovereign who got increasingly jealous of his luxuriant gift. An ambassador visiting the castle was impressed and asked for a twig as a gift. The king refused. The ambassador decided to bribe the court gardener with 50 gold coins, thus giving him the possibility to ensure a dowry for his daughter. On her wedding day, the girl, more beautiful than ever, decided to adorn her beautiful hair with a twig of orange blossom to pay homage to the plant that created her fortune.”


In the pictures, examples of our certificates that, painted or printed, can be supplied in an elegant folder, in a papyrus-covered roll holder or in a papyrus frame.

The product can be customized according to each individual request.

Cost according to project.