A true luxury product,

a unique experience

a pleasure for a few selected people!


Pavyro is a natural, biocompatible and environmentally friendly product. We use only natural, low-impact materials, which comply with all current European regulations and are processed according to the principles of sustainability and containing no harmful substances . The veneer is made from plants of Cyperus papyrus grown in a private nursery.


Walking slowly barefoot on this floor is like travelling through 5000 years of history.
Thanks to a special finishing process you can feel the canals running through the whole plant, where the life blood circulates, and the single strips placed one beside the other, which instill a strong emotional impact.
The natural reflection of light shimmering on the floor tiles creates an incredible visual and sensory experience.


Each tile is individually handmade by high skilled professionals. The strips, cut from the plant, are manually overlapped one by one, drawing inspiration from the ancient Egyptians’ technique, who invented papyrus paper 5000 years ago. Every strip is patiently woven in order to build up a sheet, and every sheet is an individual piece. Pavyro is a unique flooring which has been patented as a result of years of experience and continuous research in the interior design field.


Pavyro is one of a kind, unique and innovative floor. You will never see two identical floors or tiles because they are made one by one as individual artworks.
The limited production due to the long manufacturing time, the highly specialized work and the rarity of the plant increases its preciousness, making it a true luxury product for a few selected people.


Skirting board, skirting board cover, height difference joint

In the picture above our models of papyrus flooring accessories.

Each product is made with oxidized papyrus strips, so each strip has a different chromaticity. The strips are manually overlapped on each other by our expert craftsmen.

The support is made of a birch plywood and the coating is finished with special fire retardant paints.

Cod. 5001 – Skirting board – h. cm. 6.5;
Cod. 5002 – Skirting board cover – h. cm. 10;
Cod. 5003 – Skirting board cover – h. cm. 10.5;
Cod. 5004 – Height difference joint – h. cm. 4.5;

Sicilian tile

Hand-painted papyrus tile, depicting a reproduction of a traditional Sicilian tile dating back to the 18th century.

Upon request, using the same technique, we can reproduce any illustration and company logo.

l. cm. 40 x h. cm. 40;

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