Excite your imagination,

develop your product,

create your own style.


The naturalness of the material makes Pavyro coatings very versatile: Bags, shoes, belts and similar accessories can also be developed by coupling the papyrus coatings with other selected materials. The papyrus sheets, can be painted or cut with ornamental patterns, placed between two glasses or decorated through our exclusive decoupage-mosaic’s technique.


The natural look of Pavyro coatings reveals the compactness of the surface and the uniqueness of the weaving (the finish can be matte or glossy);
By watching it from side to side it is easy to see how carefully the strips have been arranged one by one and admire the natural variations of the papyrus fibers colors, all different, ranging from ivory to ocher, to burnt sienna up to dark brown.


Pavyro coatings, are born to inspire the imagination of interior designers and create elegant and exclusive furniture (paneling, doors, tables, frames, lampshades, furnishings). The application ranges from luxury homes and offices up to hotels suite, yoga gyms and fitness centers;